What We Do - Elebird
Elebird Creatives is the one-stop solution for all your branding, design, photography, print and execution needs. Reach us at hello@elebird.com.
branding, advertising, marketing, graphic design
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What We Do

Excellent Ideas Executed Brilliantly

Powerful branding is essential to carve a compelling visual identity and make a strong impact in your industry. Our creative plus strategic approach will make your brand stand out in your target market.

Creative Design

Let us paint your ideas with pixels and make them come alive with our visually stunning designs. Whether you want to design a company logo or get a brand kit made, our team will execute it superbly.

Creative Writing

Words hold the power to resonate strongly with people’s deepest emotions. Tell stories that engage your audience and build your brand. Creative writing when done well, encourages, inspires, and sells.


First impressions matter. Professionally shot images of your products or services speak volumes about your organization’s capabilities. Let’s impress your customers with visually rich images.


If a picture can speak a thousand words, then a video can speak more than a million. Give your business an eye-catching look and make it stand apart from the competition with our video services.

UI Design

Set the right tone for your brand across all digital platforms with our user-focused UI Design services. Bring your apps and websites to life with the right blend of colours, icons, typography and illustrations.

Corporate Communication

Inform, attract, inspire and persuade your employees and stakeholders through innovative initiatives and communication campaigns. A creative approach can energize and motivate your internal teams.

Pitch Decks & Presentations

Get the perfect pitch deck designed as per your startup’s unique business model. We’ll help you from conceptualization to the final design, making sure that it’ll impress any VC or potential investor.